COVID-19 PPE: Why Invest in a Face Shield?

COVID-19 PPE: Why Invest in a Face Shield?

The outbreak of Covid-19 has evoked panic in us all, with everyone doing what they can to protect themselves and their loved ones from the deadly virus. With no cure arrived at and a vaccination still trying to be created, the only weapon we have to combat the virus is PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

With the government’s recent request for all people using public transport and visiting shops to wear face protection, PPE is highly sought after.

Where homemade face masks are filling our newsfeeds, many of us require more than a makeshift mouth cover to feel safe. In fact, searches for face shields have grown substantially, with many believing face shields to be considerably more effective at keeping the virus at bay than face masks.

Protecting the whole face

Unlike a mask, a face shield covers the entire face, adding a layer of protection around the mouth, eyes and ears. Utilised heavily by doctors and health care workers in hospitals, these shields are regarded as adequate in protecting those on the front line.

Curbing the transmission

Not only can face coverings stop the wearer from contracting the virus, but they can also prevent them from passing it on, having a two-prong approach to stopping Covid-19 in its tracks. So, buying a face shield will not only protect you but the people you come into contact with.

A clear signal

A face shield is a full plastic screen that covers the face; being a noticeable piece of kit. Those deciding to wear a face shield send a clear message that they are serious about protecting themselves and are evidently worried about the pandemic. This will naturally ensure people steer clear of you and are vigilant about being 2 meters away and practicing social distancing.

Looking to buy face shields?

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So, whether you run a care home and need PPE for your staff members or wish to place an order for your family and friends, we would be more than happy to help you.