5 Online Sale Items you Cannot Afford to Miss

5 Online Sale Items you Cannot Afford to Miss

Here at A2Z, we strive to offer the best items and gadgets at the best possible prices. This is why we are continuously adding to our ‘Sale’ page; a place to find the biggest reductions on some of the most exciting, unique gifts and products. 

Below, we look at the best sale items currently listed in our online shop.

Bottle Opening Cap Shooter

Everyone loves a cool gadget, right? This is why we are excited to list the Bottle Opening Cap Shooter; an item that is fun, cool and pretty entertaining. Perfect for family BBQ's, house parties, camping trips and any other gathering, this is a great gift for a beer-lover for sure!

Under Desk Foot Hammock

Whether you work from home or at an office in the city, sometimes you just need to put your feet up. This was the thinking behind the design of the Under Desk Foot Hammock. Able to be hooked onto your desk with just two clips, this hammock can make the working day that bit more bearable. Coming in a variety of colours, you can even tie in your office décor with your newest gadget!

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

If you love to sing songs in the shower then the Bluetooth Shower Speaker is a must-have!

Being completely waterproof, you can even take the speaker to the pool/beach on holiday, meaning you never have to be without your favourite tunes! This particular speaker comes with a suction part which allows you to stick it to walls, floors, desks; wherever!

The Ross Jones Teardrop Ring Phone Stand

Over 2 billion people now have a smartphone. But, with smartphone screens getting bigger and people relying on them more, the need to prop them upright is growing. This is why the Ross Jones Teardrop Ring Phone Stand is proving popular; a neat little item that can create a stand for your smartphone to sit on comfortably.

GlamX Face Shield

With the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak seeing a huge shortage of PPE, we at A2Z wanted to help. This is why you can purchase affordable PPE via this very website. This includes the highly sought-after GlamX Face Shield. Suited to anyone that wants to enhance their level of protection against the virus, these shields are highly effective and affordable.

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If you are looking to buy any of the above sale items then be sure to do so quickly while stock lasts!